5 Basic Principles Fort Lauderdale Web Design Companies Should Follow

Fort Lauderdale web designers are well-known for keeping up with the latest trends while keeping in mind the same basic principles that apply to each and every successful website. Website design has come a very long way since its humble beginnings and the progress made, even on a daily basis, is simply astounding. When your website adheres to these 5 basic principles of responsive web design, you’ll have cooked up a true recipe for online success.

The 5 Best Web Design Principles

When it comes to website design, Fort Lauderdale is known for being home to expert coders who understand how to combine the latest trends with tried-and-tested principles to create superior websites that outshine all others in usability and appearance. Discover the 5 most basic principles that all great websites need to rely upon to maintain their success:

  1. When ensuring that your website looks great on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, you need to consider what is known as the ‘user flow’. Your content will take up more vertical space on smaller screens, so you need a web designer who can guarantee that all of your content, images, and CTAs will move smoothly when displayed on different screen sizes.
  2. Rather than using static units to define the size of your images and other site components, website design experts in Fort Lauderdale employ the percentages. That’s why a properly responsive site always looks great no matter how it’s being viewed.
  3. Maximum and minimum values allow you to determine how a given feature is displayed on a wide variety of screen types. For example, you don’t always want an image to be stretched right across the screen if there’s a lot of horizontal space, so make sure to limit it to achieve a much more aesthetically-pleasing look.
  4. You can put a number of different objects in one container and control them together as nested objects. This allows you to keep your website free of clutter.
  5. Possibly the most important thing to keep in mind during web design is the placement of your calls-to-action, which can mean the difference between a website that converts and one that does not. Proper CTA placement will work with the overall user flow to create a natural but obvious next step for consumers to follow – call, shop, make an appointment, etc. These CTAs should be apparent on both desktop and mobile devices.

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