How To Increase Organic Traffic

How To Increase Organic Traffic

The Benefit of Organic

Do you know what bugs me? Receiving an assertive advertisement that has nothing to do with anything I’m interested in. We’ve all come across ads, pitch-based articles, or trailers that were most likely paid to be placed in front of our eyes, and not only do they not entice us to buy, they actually turn us away from the brand itself. In an over-saturated ad world where the first impression reigns supreme and most people only give your brand one shot, it is imperative to draw audiences to your ideas in natural ways instead of calculated tactics.

Generating organic traffic to your websites allows the potential consumer to engage with your ideas instead of passing by, merely deciding whether they want to buy something or not. Engagement leads to retainment, and if you can seriously add value to their lives, you can establish trust. With trust, your audiences will be more willing to allow your pitches, and they’ll be more likely to click that call to action. Here are some of the top methods of increasing organic traffic, that will ensure your messages reach the right audience.

Social Media Presence

Reminiscent of forums, social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are incredible places for engaging with people who may be interested in your content. Through group interactivity, live streaming, or simply posting images with brilliant captions, you can immensely boost your brand familiarity over a course of months. The beautiful thing about garnering followers on these sites is that they become easily accessible for polling, giveaways, and email marketing. In recent years, we’ve seen entire brands successfully built solely on increasing social media presence.

Blog Consistently For Value

Writing articles is among the top ways to generate organic traffic to your website, for two main reasons. First, within the article structure, one can implement content or brand related keywords to drive organic traffic directly from search engines. For instance, if I typed: SEO company West Palm Beach into Google, articles which utilize this keyword will be presented to me. The key is delivering value once the searcher clicks, and establishing the brand identity over the course of the article.

Secondly, the article is an opportunity to give your brand a voice, which serves to further enhance trust between the author and the reader. Honesty helps with unleashing tone of voice, and with honesty will come trust because so many blogs merely want to convince. This is why it becomes very important to utilize focus keywords in a balanced manner that doesn’t take away from the information being explained. If Google senses an article mentioning a keyword like SEO West Palm Beach or SEO Palm Beach over four or so times, the article’s rank will be negatively impacted. Additionally, as your blog becomes more active, the comment section can be a wonderful place to listen and converse with your readers.

Seo Company

Search Engine Optimization

So you’ve determined which content strategies fit your brand best, and you’ve begun delivering useful information to your audience. There’s one more step to add icing on the cake, and this icing will become a magnet between your company and your potential consumers. Through implementing specific brand-relevant keywords into your articles, press releases, or web pages, you will successfully optimize your content for higher rankings in search engines such as Google or Bing.

The resulting difference from one keyword to the next can be so significant, that phrases like SEO West Palm Beach will yield totally different results than a phrase like SEO Palm Beach. By stepping inside the minds of your audiences, you can more easily place the correct wording in front of the correct eyes. Long-tail keywords such as SEO company West Palm Beach tend to outrank smaller, less specific keywords like SEO West Palm Beach because the former specifies a company, which Google smiles upon.

Determining which keywords you should be attempting to rank for requires research in itself, and the competition of ranking against other companies is real! Thankfully, Smashed Media supplies a range of services for brand growth, one of them being SEO. We offer social media management, digital strategy development, and much more. Upgrading your level of organic traffic is completely within reach, and with these simple steps, your consistency will pay off in no time.

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