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How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business

Selecting the correct logo for your business can be a daunting process filled with countless designs and tiresome revisions. When developing your logo, everything must be considered from the coloration to the structure, font, and size. The typography, or readability of your final logo will speak volumes about your product or service and ultimately will shape your brand identityThis brings up the point of why you may want to look into hiring a digital marketing company. Digital marketing companies have experienced graphic designers that design logos and can create you a logo that tells your brands story. Taking this route can make the logo designing process much easier for yourself and help your brand be successful. Either way, let’s get a bit of education about choosing the right logo for your business!

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Representation or Stand Alone

Arguably the most crucial decision to make when deciding the fate of your logo is whether it should be able to stand alone or whether it should only represent your brand or product. For instance, one company logo that can stand alone is the logo for Nike because the swoosh symbol represents speed and harkens back to the ancient Greek goddess of victory. FedEx, on the other hand, while having a highly creative logo design, cannot truly be separated from FedEx because the name is right there in the logo. Very few logos can accurately represent a product, and very few designers shoot for such a task because the underlying ideas surrounding a product are much more relatable and understandable at first glance.

The visual cortex in our brain is so powerful that if a logo can truly represent an idea larger than the company itself, the emotional release can stick with us forever. The Apple logo is a great example of a logo that communicates simplicity, sleekness, and purity just by the nature of its design. As the logo becomes implanted in our minds more and more over time, our trust of the brand increases, causing us to purchase more products while believing we are part of a larger cause. Beautifully enough, sometimes we are part of that larger cause when high-level brands decide to give back or make charitable decisions we feel good about supporting. This is where history can be a major asset if utilized properly by your digital marketing company. Digital agency Boca Raton headquartered company Smashed Media has an extensive catalog of symbols and history-driven examples that can enhance your brand reputation.

Even if your brand was founded only a few months ago, there’s a story there. If the story isn’t vast, then refocus to the story of the founder. If the founder’s journey isn’t extensive, maybe concentrate on the future your product exists within. No matter how you look at your business, there’s a brewing story waiting to be told, and if you can mix your history with your logo design, you’ve successfully created a powerful moniker of brand identity. Like Nike, one easy way to accomplish relation is by alluding to a name or pre-existing historical artifact that many people already know of.

Things To Consider

During the stages of finalizing your logo design, one thing to consider is that your logo will be appearing over a plethora of digital and print mediums. Your digital marketing company should be able to assure congruency from one platform to the next, applying edits where possible. Whether it be dimension sizes, color changes for print materials, or file type conversions, Smashed Media is a digital agency in Boca Raton you can count on to refocus your logo toward the ideas that deserve priority. Their talented graphic designers at Smashed Media can develop a logo that enhances your ability to reach new audiences. It all starts with a great concept, and Smashed Media can help with that too.

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