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SEO Company Talks About Keyword Stuffing

Is Keyword Stuffing Bad For SEO?

In the quest for drawing attention to your brand or powerful idea, it can be tempting to take shortcuts to success. For many companies that have a well-developed product or service, the only thing left is to direct traffic to their platforms. Acquiring SEO services to optimize your online content that can consistently drive potential sales to your business is crucial in an internet driven world. But as Google and Bing shift their “crawling” methods over time, some less-patient writers fail to comply with the best practices for optimization. Let’s go over what keyword stuffing is, and why it’s best to avoid this lazy trend.

Keyword Density

When hiring SEO services, your SEO expert has one primary task: to deliver useful information on a given topic while implementing focus keywords in a natural feeling manner. The amount of copy written per page will determine how often your keywords should appear, or how ‘dense’ with keywords your article should be. For example, in a paragraph of 100 words, if your keyword appears 50 times, the density is 50%. For amateur writers, densities over 10% may happen due to lack of experience. In rare cases, we’ve all seen spam web pages or even Youtube video descriptions that are clearly pasting dozens of focus words in an attempt to trick search engine rankings. The reason why this practice is foolish has to do with how your search engine views online writing; they want to deliver useful, engaging content to their searchers. After all, isn’t that what your brand should be trying to accomplish anyway? While there’s not a specific keyword density standard, one of the more agreed-upon percentages from SEO experts is 2%. Whether you hire a Boca Raton SEO company or implement them yourself, your focus keywords should be the icing on a delicious cake of informative copy.


Overloading your articles or online copy with a ton of keywords is just one way to “stuff.” Another common tactic that could hurt your site would be the implementation of irrelevant keywords. If this practice is carried out over a duration of time, it can decrease your website’s ability to be viewed as an authoritative source for the industry you’re covering, and even worse, may result in a search penalty. Inserting keywords which are not relevant to the topic of the article and inserting words that break the context or flow of discussion are both versions of keyword stuffing. Smashed Media is an SEO company in Boca Raton that can skillfully implement your focus keywords in a series of organic approaches. Providing a range of SEO services, Smashed Media tailors a specific keyword strategy per page to assure that your readers have a memorable experience, untethered by marketing. Assigning the minimum amount of focus words per page increases the probability of writing useful content around the topic, instead of writing for search engine rankings. Smashed Media is one of the only SEO companies in Boca Raton that provides strong attention to detail when it comes to inserting keywords into the written content of our clients’ websites.

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