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Content Is King But Marketing Is Queen

The Chess Analogies

Without getting too deep into the intricacies of chess, a novice player only needs to know two rules of the timeless board game. The king must be protected at all costs but can only move one square at a time, while the queen can move as many spaces across the board that are available. The queen is most powerful, while the king is the most valuable. Without your queen, your chances of winning are severely limited, but without your king…well, you’ve lost the game.

We can draw comparisons between business strategies and chess all day, but for now let’s focus on the two main aspects of the analogy: your content is the most valuable, but your marketing strategy has the power to make or break your game. If your marketing strategy is too one-dimensional or imprecise, your amazing content can’t properly reach the audience it needs to. Even worse, your promotions can create a terrible first impression, generating distrust in your brand. A poor marketing strategy will leave your precious content (the king) unprotected. Whether this manifests in overpriced CPCs, content reaching audiences outside of your target demographic/geographic region, or your content appearing on controversial websites/directories/videos, when your queen has fallen, it is only a matter of time before your content suffers the same fate. On the other hand, if you have a precise and cutting edge marketing strategy that delivers lackluster content, then your brand will slowly be degraded until the costs of lower customer engagement and brand advocacy lowers the ROI for all of your marketing initiatives. Keep reading to understand which side of the throne you need to develop, or reach out to a digital marketing company in Boca Raton such as Smashed Media for further 1 on 1 guidance.

What To Say Vs. How To Say It

Just as the queen can move across the entire chessboard, your marketing will move your content to your audiences across various platforms. All day around the internet we see examples of content that is well marketed from email pitches to social media marketing campaigns eager to draw in related or unsuspecting buyers. Sometimes a well-designed marketing strategy can drive a campaign far, but unfortunately, in the pursuit of a marketing campaign that yields a strong ROI, many companies fail to respect the intellect of their potential consumers by offering little to zero value in the content they produce and distribute.

If selling a product, it may be the case that the content portion of your marketing begins to fade because it’s so easy to be reliant on a great product to sell itself. It may also be the case that the previous methods of driving sales have worked well for so many years, that the ideas of how to promote your brand become stale. In both of these cases, it’s important to radically refocus on developing creative strategies that strike re-interest in your brand. For products, encourage your customers to share their personal stories through social media marketing posts. Creating a story is the key to making sure your content reigns as king.

All in all, if you drive useless and valueless content to potential customers, your brand will suffer alongside your sales. But if a poor marketing strategy leads to your great content going unread, then it is as though you produced no content at all. With the expertise from a digital marketing company in Boca Raton like Smashed Media, both the king and the queen reign supreme. Whether it be content creation, social media marketing or email marketing, Smashed Media is one of the only digital marketing companies in Boca Raton that offers completely integrated digital marketing services that ensures that your marketing strategy puts value driven and engaging content in front of high intent potential customers.

Written by Joseph Pembroke


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