Email Marketing

Why Your Business Should Utilize Email Marketing

In the internet marketing world these days, platforms come and go nearly every month. Each time a new application or social media site launches, the question that any innovative digital marketing agency is asking is how much time, effort, and capital to invest in these new platforms. Missing the boat never feels good and there are so many examples of companies taking advantage of platforms the moment they release, resulting in huge success across an eager audience waiting for new content.

While tackling a new trending platform can be great for exposure, it’s not necessarily the best place for consistently reaching your audience time and time again. Even social media platforms have become fickle in their ability to maintain viewership whether it be Youtube failing to notify users of subscribed content, Twitter removing content which they don’t agree with, or Facebook being overrun with spammers that ultimately drive users away. Any digital marketing agency stays on top of all platform updates and takes them into consideration when developing an in-depth marketing strategy. Above all, the novelty of any social media site including Instagram wears off easily and cannot be counted on to be the sole place of contact for your business. Consumers don’t “need” social media, but all of them need and most likely already have an email address.

The Stats

According to a study conducted by MarketingSherpa in 2015, over 70% of consumers prefer that companies contact them directly through email as opposed to other forms like telephone calls, print media, text message, and many more. One theory could be that as more methods of promotion become untrustworthy, the email address remains a safe place for consumers to control their flow of mail. To top it off, IDC conducted research alongside Facebook in 2013 to find out what the most used applications on smartphones were. The answer wasn’t maps, games, or social media apps…it was email applications that allow people to directly communicate with their network. Whether that be friends, family, coworkers, or businesses.

These two stats alone prove that email marketing provides a huge opportunity to keep your consumers engaged, up to date, and eager to hear from their favorite companies. Smashed Media, a digital agency Boca Raton based company can be the solution to improving your email campaign health with simple campaign and workflow adjustments, accompanied by modern and elegant designs. Unlike your traditional digital marketing companies, Smashed Media is a digital agency in Boca Raton that takes the time and energy needed to truly determine your target demographics, so we can uncover what platforms they are using. This enables Smashed Media to create and implement an email marketing strategy that delivers valuable content to your customer where and when they need it most.

Email Marketing Statistics

The Don’ts

While it’s best to hire a digital marketing agency to help strategize and launch a well-planned email campaign, getting started on your own is possible if you have an urgent message that needs to be delivered to customers within a 24 hour period or if you have a highly restrictive marketing budget. However, if you’re going to practice email marketing there are some taboo practices to stay away from. First, understand that the email is a relatively private place for people to store data, old files, and check on a range of messages from many kinds of people. It’s a place that as a business, you want to respect as if you were entering the home of a friend or associate.

Don’t over ask for emails unless you’re giving some kind of value in return. Asking during checkout is great, asking for an email to unlock some kind of content is awesome, but simply asking for no reason won’t have an efficient return and can seem fishy. Similarly, and most importantly, don’t email too much. The digital agency Boca Raton content writers at Smashed Media can write hundreds of articles covering the best methods of email marketing, but no matter what, emailing too much will result in spam flags or worse. Lastly, be sure when practicing email marketing to adjust your coding and images to reflect the platforms of your consumers whether it be mobile, iPad, or desktop.


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