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PPC Management Company vs. In-House PPC Management

In the ever-changing world of internet marketing, there are a ton of bases to cover. Each base comes with its own set of secrets, updates, and trending practices that can be taken advantage of by those with experience in the field. Gaining experience buying pay-per-click ads over time is possible, but time-consuming. For the solo marketer or in-house team of novices, it can also be quite costly along the way. That’s where a PPC management company steps up to the plate with proven strategies to help your advertising initiative.

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In-House Costs

The costs of hiring a professional in-house marketing team equipped with a PPC expert can be a daunting investment if you’re currently managing it all by yourself. Because PPC management is a job held around the clock with constant monitoring and tweaking, salaries will need to be paid out alongside start-up and optimization costs.

Salaries for PPC experts generally begin at $50,000 annually for low-level experts and can exceed $100k for senior professionals. Additionally, start-up costs will include the purchase of hardware and software used by your paid ad specialist for ad campaign optimization and industry research.

The research required to conduct a successful PPC campaign can alone be a costly and time-consuming venture. Excluding the costs paid in hourly wages to manage them, industry research softwares can exceed hundreds of dollars per month in subscription fees. Trimming these niche softwares from your budget will further extend the amount of time needed to test strategies against your competitors.

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Optimization & Reporting

Aside from the costly aspects of becoming a PPC expert on your own, the other main reason to select an agency to handle your PPC would be their access to advanced tools. Proprietary and competitive analysis, PPC bidding strategy, and keyword optimization are essential parts of managing a successful PPC campaign. The resources available to aid these components of your marketing efforts are abundant, but it takes years of experience to know which softwares are best for your particular industry.

Managing PPC campaigns across one account can be time-consuming, but if you plan on advertising across multiple ad platforms at the same time (i.e. Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram), expect a much higher workload to keep your campaigns running smoothly. Additional resources may include software to help optimize thousands of bids simultaneously, as well as customizable reporting; one of the most vital elements of PPC management.

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Outsourcing The Right PPC Manager

When seeking an outside management company to help with your PPC efforts, it’s important to confirm the agency has a well-rounded team. Use LinkedIn to find out how many years of experience their paid ad specialists have, and look for connections and endorsements from a diverse group of companies. A strong agency will have team members with different sets of skills that complement the agency’s main list of services.

Smashed Media is an example of a marketing agency with a pedigree in PPC management. Our team includes a diverse set of marketing professionals with 30+ years in combined digital advertising experience. We make use of the industries most advanced marketing and competitive analysis softwares, while providing easy to digest performance reports to help you keep track of our progress. Whether you need an audit of your current campaigns or are looking to hand over complete control of your current marketing initiative, Smashed Media has affordable packages that help reduce the financial burden experienced by running your marketing in-house.

Overall, the myriad of positives that come with outsourcing your PPC management outweigh the negatives. In the battle of PPC Management Company vs. In-House PPC Management, the former reins supreme. At first glance, it may seem that hiring an agency outside of your office may come with less attention, but not all agencies are created equal. Smashed Media provides a direct line between you and your campaign manager, giving you the communication and peace of mind needed to comfortably hand over the reins while still being on top of your progress. If you feel like your marketing strategy could use a second look, give us a call today or stop in at our Boca Raton office to ask about our pay-per-click ad management services and experience the value of working with an agency who puts relationship over revenue.


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