Expert Social Media Tips To Help Your Small Business

Showing Up

As the old adage says “showing up is half the battle.” When it comes to digital marketing, this is the truth. However, with so many platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to understand how to conquer each one. By the time you master one, a new marketing software or marketing platform update comes out and the social media marketing process must start over again.

Social media holds immense opportunity to garner attention and sales for your brand, but configuring a proper marketing strategy for each social media platform can be costly and ineffective. Becoming a social media expert isn’t an overnight job, but Smashed Media is a creative agency Boca Raton businesses can count on to deliver accurate postings and social media ads that deliver a strong ROI and an incredible customer experience. Anyone can simply show up, but it’s about how much you show up, it’s about what you offer, and it’s about how you engage and delight potential customers that experience your social media posts/ads.

Social Media Engagement

Tell Your Story On Social Media

Over the course of your social media platforms timeline, one of the best strategies for gaining engagement would be telling your story. It could be your company story, the tale of a consumer’s journey using your product, or even behind-the-scenes videos of the office. The more value driven content you share that is not directly related to sales, the more opportunity your brand has to truly connect with potential customers so they understand not just what you sell, but the incredible story behind the brand. As your story grows, it can become a rabbit hole that users fall into, scrolling until they can’t go any further. This type of engagement leads to having raving fans instead of just customers. These raving fans will happily promote your products and services, which will allow your brand to have the type of social media exposure that would cost thousands if done solely through social media ads. Smashed Media is the creative agency Boca Raton businesses utilize to advance marketing campaigns. So for our story, we can go in depth to showcase the different types of projects we’ve been involved in and the brands we have helped grow.

Social Media Expert

Be Consistent In Your Posts

Arguably the most valuable part of social media marketing is the opportunity to engage, promote, or share ideas with consumers on a consistent basis. This is doable without being a social media expert. While this can be a slippery slope leading to annoying over-engagement, as long as your content is valuable you can practically post as much as possible without harming your reputation. On the other hand, your strategy may be to post only a few times a month, drawing more attention to a small number of posts. In either case, social media offers platforms to reach your customers in an unsuspecting, non-invasive way. Whether direct engagement happens or not, the reach alone can have a positive impact on your brand.

Social Media Posts

Don’t Radically Change

As the follower count grows, more and more opportunities will come along to promote other companies. In some cases, you’ll receive a direct message offering payment or sponsorship for routine promotion, a single post, or to place a link in your profile bio. When it comes to making money off of your profile, be very careful about the message you’re sending to your audience. A strategy aimed at increasing sales and revenue can easily end up leading to lower customer loyalty and customer retention if not implemented correctly. Being a social media expert has everything to do with knowing when to push and when to pull back.

The loyalty of your supporters will diminish over time if the content doesn’t match the original reason they subscribed. If you’re running a produce business, promoting an application that delivers fresh fruit would be of great value to your consumers. Even so, be sure to keep the ratio about 80/20 in favor of content over sales pitches. Your followers won’t always let you know when you’ve crossed their line of trust, so stay true to your brand to keep them around. Social media marketing can be both easy yet elusive depending on your industry, market and target demographics. Hiring a creative agency based in Boca Raton, such as Smashed Media, can ensure you not only have a brilliant marketing strategy, but the execution is precise and flawless. Whether you are ready to take the next step on upgrading your marketing campaign with the help of Smashed Media or you are going to manage your campaigns internally, there is one thing to remember…“measure twice, cut once!”


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