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Choosing The Right Day To Launch

When it comes to launching a new product or marketing campaign of any kind, correlating your launch with current events can be a key to success. To go even further, if your content marketing itself can match a trending topic of discussion, the work can become even more impactful. By selecting the right time for your launch and devising the right strategy for how your ideas will be delivered, you can garner sales while creating a long-lasting bond with your consumers.

Content Marketing

International Women’s Day

Adjusting on the fly to create content marketing strategies that address an extremely timely event can be effective, but also quite cheesy. On the other hand, there are a number of holidays and national events per year that can be mixed in with your marketing to increase overall reach. Not only are these holidays an opportunity to spread the word about your brand or product, but they’re also a way to impart a sense of character to your audiences. In the world of movie marketing, holidays such as Christmas or the anniversaries of certain historical events are utilized for launch dates every single year. Aside from the celebratory aspect of these days which prompt people to spend money with their friends, launching on these days can also be integral in the short term success of a film.

This year, Captain Marvel hits theaters nationwide on International Women’s Day, and it will be a statement of women empowerment everywhere. For those that don’t know much about comic book history, even though there are many female superheroes, very few have been brought to the big screen with a chance to star in their own roles. This vacancy has left millions of women eager for a powerful representation of themselves on screen from the Marvel world. As the late innovator and Marvel founder Stan Lee made it his life’s work to give voices to the voiceless, simply releasing Captain Marvel on International Women’s Day with Brie Larson starring as Captain Marvel herself is both a huge moment in film history and a respectful nod toward strong women everywhere. As part of the genius movie marketing for this film, We Have Stories and Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles launched a social media campaign under the hashtag #CaptainMarvelChallenge which raises awareness about a GoFundMe campaign dedicated to sending thousands of girls across the country to see the film on its release date. Marvel isn’t simply hiring a digital agency to get the word out, they’re creating ambitious goals for themselves to generate social change. This is the kind of marketing that lands your brand in the hearts of consumers for decades to come.

Movie Marketing

Timing Is Everything

By adjusting your launch dates to align with current events, you will not only generate more sales due to cross branding, but you’ll also remain fresh in the mind of the consumers. Whether viewers of your content marketing decide to buy or not, they’ll notice that your company isn’t afraid to enter the current conversation. The more they see your brand showing up to discuss different ideas, the more they’ll begin to trust your name, logo, and writers which eventually will lead to a purchase. Like the movie marketing tactics we mentioned above, relevancy between the content itself and a recognized holiday or figure is a sure way to increase brand awareness. However, by staying current in most conversations, you decrease the risk of audiences forgetting about your brand during periods of silence. A digital agency such as ours makes sure to stretch brand presence across all online mediums, therefore it will feel like you never left. So when it’s time for launch, it won’t be a question of “who” is this message coming from, it will be an acknowledgment of whether the time was best. Rest assured, whether you have the backing of a digital agency like Smashed Media or not, the consumer can always tell if an idea or product was launched prematurely, even if they don’t recognize the brand. In the case of Captain Marvel launching on International Women’s Day, the product is long overdue, therefore it will almost definitely become a massive success.


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