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Advantages Of Using Shopify For An E-Commerce Site

So you’ve got a great product, and heck, maybe you even have great sales to accompany your great product. But is your website running at optimal performance? We’re not just talking about the hosting, we’re talking about everything from the user interface, to the page loading speed, down to the checkout process. If this is the case and these functions on your website are not working at optimal performance then generating more leads and sales via your website will be challenging. And who wants generating leads to be challenging? No one. That is why you need to choose a good e-commerce platform for your business if you want it to be successful. A good e-commerce platform that has risen to become the most utilized online store platform is Shopify. Let’s talk a little bit about why that might be and how an incredible Shopify website can be easily set up by your internal team or a web design company.

Easy To Setup & Use

Shopify is easier to set up and is way more user-friendly then platforms like Magento or even WordPress. The reason behind this is that the platform offers clean-cut designs and offers logically structured features. This not only means it is easy for your customers to use but also that it is easy for you to show off your products in an enticing way! Shopify also provides how-to videos to help you better understand their online shopping platform and be able to get the most out of all their features. With these resources, anyone with basic web development knowledge can utilize the platform at its full capacity and give website visitors a high-rated experience.

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Integrated Tools

Besides being easy to set up, this website builder also offers an overall user-friendly experience. Shopify has marketing tools that your internal team or web design company can utilize that will provide a great deal of value when launching your online shop. If you need to market your business, Shopify offers tools that help create, modify, and launch advertising campaigns across a range of platforms. This allows you to market your brand and be able to set up calculated social media ads, as well as heighten your reach across major online markets like eBay and Amazon.

Shopify also has built-in analytics to help track your sales. Your internal team or web design company will be able to refer to your business’ dashboard in real time to track your site’s performance.

Two more incredible facets included with Shopify are email marketing and cart follow-up. With targeted email marketing, you can reach your potential consumers right where their most important business happens, and with cart follow-up, you can seek out customers who added items to their cart but never checked out for whatever reason. Reaching out to customers who are on the fence of a sale is a great opportunity to reconnect and close the deal. You or your web design company can take advantage of these useful Shopify tools for your store’s online marketing efforts.


It’s no secret that most of the time spent on the internet these days happens from smartphones, and Shopify certainly understands the importance of this fact. In the past, optimizing your website for mobile and tablet devices was a multi-month long task that required constant revisions among breaks and potential data losses. In the time that it would take to make these changes, who knows how many sales may be lost due to the poor user experience. Shopify can be an easy solution to make your website mobile-friendly. No more collapsing images that are poorly compressed or resized, and most importantly, higher refresh rates ensure your consumers don’t lose interest. Shopify makes turning your website into a mobile-friendly online shop easy.

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One of the most important aspects of an e-commerce site is that your customers’ sensitive information is secure. Shopify makes sure your site has periodic maintenance fixes and upgrades which effectively eliminates any data breaches. Their platform also allows you to easily enable SSL certificates for your store.

Smashed Media is a web design company in West Palm Beach that sets ups and manages Shopify websites for many of their clients. We can set you up with a mobile-friendly Shopify website or transition your current website if needed. We also have vast experience with Shopify’s integrated tools and can carry out effective marketing efforts through Shopify for you. The online shopping and purchasing process will be a breeze for your customers, with the added bonus of tools for marketing to customers who have shown interest in your products.


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