Spring Marketing Campaigns

How To Incorporate Seasons Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Within your marketing campaigns, there are many opportunities to correlate your content with current events, trending topics, or the changing seasons. By doing so, you can grab the ears and eyes of potential consumers quicker because you’re relating with their immediate environment. However, there can be drawbacks to delving into a timely switch simply for the sake of copying what everyone else is doing with their seasonal marketing. The challenge for our creative agency is to mix in current elements in a passive manner, so as to not detract from the integrity of the brand or product. Let’s take a quick look at some of the methods we utilize to achieve winter, summer, fall or spring marketing campaigns to elevate your marketing relevance.

Seasonal Marketing


Typically, editing your brand’s color coordination is among the first techniques that come to mind with regard to seasonal marketing. This doesn’t mean you have to edit your logo entirely, but it may be a good idea to add a temporary color scheme or emblem to reflect the passing seasons. Likewise, social media banner pictures have become an incredible way to let your subscribers know that you’re ready for the new weather and that there are benefits for them on the way. Furthermore, some clothing companies have limited time color options which they reveal at specific times of the year, to complement seasonal fashion. Winter or spring marketing campaigns won’t just draw in new consumers, it can become an exciting time of year that your current customers wait on for rare products or content.

Spring Clothing Collection

The Small Things

When it comes to incorporating the essence of spring or winter into your seasonal marketing, it can be easy to overdo it. Instead of changing every single aspect of your websites or email campaigns, think about the smaller ways to add to the overall vibe of the season. For instance, adding a small logo to your updated social media banners or profile pictures, or perhaps mentioning the changing seasons via email can have a great effect of relating with your audience. Even just reminding your audiences that spring is a time for new beginnings, summer is a time to soak in the sun, or winter is the time to bundle up can easily prove that your company is up to date and considering what everyone is going through. Smaller things such as editing the text surrounding your call to action buttons, or adding a new set of phrases during the checkout process can also have a substantial impact on the success of spring marketing campaigns and the like.

Discount Exclusives

Finally, one of the most effective measures that can be taken during the changes of the seasons can be offering special discounts that match the climate. For instance, clothing brands may put out a line of tank tops or shorts at a lower cost for summer time or develop new jackets for the winter. Promo codes are another way to implement a seasonal price cut as well, allowing users to add discounts to the items they need. Accepting the help from a creative agency such as ours will ensure that your marketing campaigns match the current aura of the times. Offering discounts or buy one get one frees can be a reluctant decision on the part of brands that may not see the potential of relating with the moment, however, connecting with your audience at the right time can catapult an entire campaign to success. We’re a creative agency that has seen just about every kind of seasonal promotion tactic, and we know exactly how to be ahead of the curve when it comes to this fun, engaging kind of marketing.


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