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Online Tools That Can Help Your Small Business Succeed In 2019

Being A Mom & Pop Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to expanding a small business, there can be many difficult questions that arise at every turn, and sometimes it can seem like there are few answers available. Every couple of months there’s a new platform to establish a brand presence on, and the current ones need to be updated consistently, leaving small business owners exhausted or shorthanded.

Without an internet marketing West Palm Beach agency or experienced staff handling every position, it can feel overwhelming to oversee the tasks needed for consistent growth. Thankfully, that’s where online tools come in to save the day, your time, and your energy. In honor of Mom & Pop Business Owners Day, let’s go over some of the most useful online digital marketing tools that can help manage the different profiles and campaigns of your brand.

Google My Business

This free, easy to use tool allows businesses to establish and edit their company profile that customers will come across after finding them in the search results. In other words, this is how people will find your business on the map, read reviews, and learn about your company story if you choose to tell it. For any business today, this tool is an essential part of your online presence.

Online Marketing Resources 2019

MailChimp Free

Email marketing is a complex task that can be an expensive hassle to handle. Luckily, MailChimp is a digital marketing tool that makes large scale emailing a breeze, allowing users to create landing pages, emails, and other ads with different templates. From smaller businesses to large corporations, MailChimp is a tool utilized by our West Palm Beach Internet marketing agency to keep consumers up to date on new releases or order information. Free accounts allow owners to manage up to 2,000 subscribers, which for a small business would be a fine starting point.

Digital Marketing Tools


This incredible digital marketing tool will become your best friend moments after exploring how many functions it offers. Canva is basically a more user-friendly version of Photoshop, allowing for a ton of editing overlays, brush tools, and font templates to help with any picture creation. With a free account, you can get right to work, dragging and dropping elements into place, then you can post your final images directly to social media. For meme creation or simply adding a filter that IG doesn’t have, Canva is your go-to marketing resource for images.

Marketing Tools


With regard to social media, to say there are a ton of applications would be an understatement. Some of them are heavily pictorial, while others allow for your copywriters to shine. No matter which application or site we’re talking about though, time is of the essence, and posting round the clock is key in gaining followers. Hootsuite is a free marketing resource that not only creates a visual dashboard of the different social media accounts you manage, but you’re also able to set auto-posts throughout the week. All in one space, you can define your content distribution, check analytics, and post in advance from your computer or phone.

Marketing Online Resources

These are only a few online tools among a vast amount of marketing resources that can come in handy when you need extra help. With just a few open tabs, you can become your own mini-marketing agency, keeping your customers and followers engaged as much as you need to. Though most of these tools are available for free, by upgrading to premium versions of them you unlock even more abilities to manage every single aspect of your online marketing. Next time you’re in a jam, don’t be afraid to search Google to check if there’s an application or website that can help.

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