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Calculate Your CPL With Call Tracking

Appropriately monitoring the successes or failures of each marketing campaign is a crucial part of determining what the next steps for your business will be. Without analyzing every aspect of your lead generation and how each sale was closed, marketers have no way of knowing which aspects of their campaign to improve upon. As the channels and platforms to serve ads on expand and become more abundant, tracking all of the vital information associated with each channel becomes harder to keep up with, let alone organize and analyze. Luckily, ingenious developers stepped in to implement a solution for cataloging the information surrounding these campaigns with call tracking. Let’s break down the main functions of call tracking and how call tracking can benefit every business today.


Call Tracking Benefits

When it comes to lead generation and closing the deal with a customer on the internet, there are many web tools available to track the incoming information. Typically, data such as demographics of traffic, consumer’s previous website visits, time spent on each web page and conversion actions taken are gathered to identify the characteristics and value of each consumer. From there, marketing experts then develop campaigns or PPC landing pages to maximize their lead generation and calculate their CPL (Cost Per Lead). But no matter how popular online shopping becomes, some businesses rely on customer support or sales reps via telephone if their leads want to learn more information about the company, ask questions about their accounts, or inquire about new products they are looking to purchase.

Implementing call tracking software into the equation can provide a ton of benefits that would otherwise be left unutilized. For example, call tracking software can monitor where an incoming call is coming from, down to the keyword a user searched and the exact digital ad campaign they came across before calling. This is accomplished by call tracking software’s ability to generate alternate phone numbers specific to each ad, which then redirects consumers to the main company phone number. Through dynamic number insertion, the alternate business numbers appearing on your website can be rescrambled to match where the lead came from, allowing marketers to check if their distinct landing pages are working optimally. Furthermore, when it comes to the in-call success of customer service or sales representatives closing a sale, call tracking products can monitor the exact moment a conversion occurs, provide analytics for the duration of the call, and present advice on sales strategies to improve upon.

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Seamless Integration

If a major part of your business relies upon sales via telephone, call tracking is a must-have addition to your data gathering strategy. Without all of the tracking information available, brands can easily miscalculate their CPL, and over time, lose marketing dollars that could be spent more efficiently. Smashed Media provides innovative web design in Boca Raton, equipped with the option to implement call tracking software if necessary. Depending on the specific tools your business needs, at Smashed Media, we can determine the best products for your call tracking whether it be CallRail, LiveAgent, RingDNA, or any other top call tracking software.

Integrating call tracking software into your preexisting business structure isn’t very difficult to accomplish. For web design integration in Boca Raton, Smashed Media can connect your call tracking software of choice with Google Analytics and Google Ads to provide an overall level of control over your campaigns. Tracking the vast amount of information with just a small marketing team alone isn’t impossible, and there are many call tracking software options available that evolve each year. Utilizing these tools can be a huge burden off your back that can open the doors for more creative and effective marketing. The top web design professionals in Boca Raton that work at Smashed Media can fill you in on the latest, most effective call tracking software to consider implementing. If integrated correctly, call tracking will help your customer service improve, provide a deeper understanding of your consumer’s behavior, and drastically improve the effectiveness and conversion rate on your landing pages.


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