How Coachella Made Overnight Celebrities

In any sector of the entertainment industry, every upcoming artist is waiting for their “big break,” which is their chance to showcase their talents on a higher level than ever before. If an artist can seize the right moment at the right time, their brand can gain immeasurable awareness and they can increase the number of opportunities moving forward.

Sometimes, garnering a positive reaction toward a brand is accomplished by executing an incredible, earthshaking performance on a medium with decent exposure. However, in some cases, the platform itself is such a popular entity that the mere inclusion of a brand name is enough to catapult that name or image toward a quick level of success. For musical performances and upcoming merch brands, Coachella has risen to the status as the festival that can create overnight celebrities each year. Let’s breakdown how Coachella rose to this level of importance, and how the festival continues to showcase new talent like no other.


Networking Heaven

As Coachella’s list of performances ranges across every genre in music, it naturally has become an event that draws in diverse crowds of partygoers and artists alike. However, the cross-brand collaborations that have taken place on stage are only a piece of what the audience sees. Behind the scenes, networking between labels, musicians, and agents create a whirlwind of opportunities, which keep artists coming back for the connections and labels coming back to scout new talent. This isn’t by accident, rather, it’s a genius by founder Paul Tollett to foster an environment that is just as exciting for the performers as it will be for the fans.

Additionally, the scaling of the event is so massive that many stage pieces are created through collaborations with other well known visual artists. This tradition has led to unveiling a new level of creative innovation each year, like in 2012 when Dr. Dre revealed hologram technology with a performance from the late Tupac Shakur, or in 2007 when Daft Punk unleashed their illuminated pyramid, setting a direction for visual EDM. Hollywood’s marketing agencies love getting involved with Coachella as well to employ both marketing strategies and creative challenges. For example, in 2011, David Lynch devised a unique short film for Interpol’s performance, adding a layer of depth to their set while introducing Lynch’s work to a wider audience.

Since Coachella has become such a spectacle, simply appearing on the bill in any capacity is a win for the artists involved. It’s a win to be included in a historic lineup of artists that will one day become legends (or already are), but it’s also a victory in terms of the marketing plan that can take place before and afterward. As the tickets sell out each year months in advance, it’s a sure confidence boost for the performing artists to know that they’ll have a shot to gain new fans, and afterward, the storm of social media posts from fans act as a marketing strategy to highlight their experience.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The Founder’s Intent

In his own words, the intention of the Coachella festival’s founder is to “get people out there and stumble upon” the music. The festival itself stands for new discovery, and that idea has been woven into the fabric of the festival itself, without the need of a marketing agency. With a total of 164 acts across 8 stages, the festival doesn’t need much of a marketing plan to be a success. Instead, the individual marketing strategies of each band and their team is organic enough to keep eyes glued to the timeline leading up to the show. For music lovers who aren’t present at the show, live streaming online is available to become part of the experience.

At Smashed Media, we’re a marketing agency that understands the importance of cross-branding as well as executing a stellar performance when it’s time to shine. When a well-developed product or idea is fully prepared for recognition, it merely has to be placed in the right environment to connect with its audience. Coachella fosters a wonderful setting for creativity, networking, and imagination, which connects like-minds at a rate no other festival can. The professionals here at Smashed Media can help get your brand in the right direction, so you can enter environments such as Coachella fully prepared for success.


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