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How Going Green Can Benefit Your Business

Going green is such a significant transition for so many businesses to make, that many brands are intimidated by how the switch would happen and if the benefits outweigh the costs. Some companies are used to doing things the ways they’ve always done them, keeping their older partnerships intact, even if it’s at the cost of the environment. But with the rising tide of social awareness regarding climate change, and with so many brands pronouncing their green status as part of their business marketing, now is the perfect opportunity for your company to go green. Let’s take a look at what some of the benefits of going green are, and how they can be implemented into your framework with the help of a digital marketing agency like Smashed Media.

Environmental Friendly Business

Healthier Workplace

One of the best reasons to go green is how substantially it will affect the employees who want to make a difference for the environment. Being part of a company with clear green initiatives leaves workers with a sense that their health is cared for, and that their work has a larger purpose in the community. Going green also boosts company morale, allowing workers to take on new responsibilities more confidently. Bank Of America declared an incentive program years ago which granted their employees discounted solar panel installation in their homes. The particular kind of inspiring incentive from Bank Of America helps the environment and works as a tool for their digital marketing agency to promote their green status.

Paying For Itself

A lesser-known reason to regulate your carbon emissions would be the fact that the transition pays for itself shortly after the change. By recycling and re-utilizing existing workplace materials, annual spending can be cut substantially. Likewise, if carpool initiatives for employees are implemented or if renewable shipping materials are introduced, the costs of going green can repay for themselves in no time. Furthermore, when it comes to meeting the environmental requirements set by the federal government or your state of operation, there are new laws passed each year to comply with because our understanding of environmental health is always shifting. By taking on the responsibility of going green, brands can stay one step ahead of legislation so that more efforts can be placed on business marketing and product development.

Green Business Marketing

Green Marketing

Aside from inspiring company morale and leading a brand down a healthier direction, going green is a status symbol that can be utilized in business marketing. Not only can reducing emissions lead to partnerships with other brands that are already green, but it can be a huge sales point through content copy and product description. Customers love being part of a movement larger than themselves, and because many civilians have been adversely affected by natural disasters as well as pollution, going green is becoming an inescapable part of the purchasing process. With a bit of direction from a digital marketing agency such as Smashed Media, we can help any brand promote their green initiatives in order to increase brand awareness to those who are environmentally conscious, while encouraging current consumers to care just a bit more about the land we all share. Aside from the initial changes that companies have to undergo to achieve green status, the transition is a wise investment that is well worth it in the long run.


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