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Top Trends in Web Design

The subject of website design is both intricate and dynamic. As technology ever pushes the boundaries, so too does the ability to create exciting interfaces between brands and consumers. Regular assessment of a site’s graphic design will ensure the use of the latest and most compelling trends to portray the desired message and truly target current and potential consumers.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the top design trends of the moment, and the reason why they’re so influential.


Probably one of the most important aspects (and, sadly, often overlooked) of websites today. In the case of how long it takes a website to load, speed really is everything. A study carried out by Akamai states that around 50% of users expect a site to load in two seconds. And if it takes more than three? Well, they’re out of there… Add the fact that Google now considers loading speed in search rank ratings and you begin to realize the importance of those two vital seconds.

We’re all going mobile

And not only because Google has introduced mobile indexing. Having a mobile version of your website is becoming a must-have, with statistics proving that at least half of all global traffic now comes from mobile devices.

(I’m in love with) The shape of you

Aesthetically pleasing organic shapes provide web designers with a vital tool to make on-page statements. Sure, geometric shapes bring about order and stability, but the natural imperfection of asymmetric images captures attention and paints a vision in a way that their systematic cousins never can.

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Personalized illustrations

 Think photos are the ultimate in visual communication? Think again… Statistics soundly show a design that encompasses personalized illustration is seven times more impressive at grabbing user attention. A good web designer will combine this with the above point about asymmetry to bring about the ultimate in brand concept.

Embrace the space

Ever heard the saying, “less is more?” Because when it comes to the very latest trends, minimalism really is the go-to element the best web pages possess. Clear, concise typography, the use of fade-in effects and animations, along with strategic usage of white space ensures the very best user experience.

Super responsive

No matter where a viewer is browsing, your website absolutely has to have a responsive design. Nothing makes for a better web page experience than carefully thought out images that react in an optically pleasing manner.

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Video Backgrounds 

Pictures—and moving pictures in particular—are second to none in capturing visitor attention. A dynamic video background really packs a punch when it comes to communicating information in snappy soundbites, and is way superior to still images or excessive text. Such an asset increases the time users stay on your site, and this, in turn, boosts SEO and conversion rates.

Web design that combines beauty with the latest trends is an art form. And the experts at Smashed Media pride themselves in offering the very best web design services in Fort Lauderdale and beyond. Your company website is, without a doubt, one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make—Smashed Media never forgets that. For the latest in web design trends, in vogue graphics, mobile responsiveness and more, their friendly team works with you to create the ultimate pièce de résistance for your business.


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