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Why Fashion Brands Are Using The Same Font In Their Logo Design


Font selection and luxury, how are these two terms connected?

A logo design creates a public perception, it represents a product or brand and is one of the most essential parts of branding. The typography in your logo can be as significant as a graphic- representing price, quality and more.

In early February of 2018, Burberry, an iconic British luxury brand, revealed a new version of their logo right before the London Fashion Week kicked-off. This change surprised the fashion industry as their mark had not changed in over a century and remained antique and sophisticated for so many years.

Heavy and bold- Burberry’s new logo was a shock to many in the industry. However, many upscale brands have followed suit. Céline, Rimowa, Diane von Furstenberg, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent have all transformed their logo typography into a more modern letterform. The all-caps sans-serif look seems to be trending for the fashion industry (San-serif is a popular typeface that does not use serifs, small lines at the ends of characters).

Although these logos may seem monotonous, the same-style font is dynamic for each brand. Some bolder, others more spaced-out; however, the overall trend is easy to understand: luxury is modest- simple with a touch of personality.

Associations between typography and luxury exist. Most consumers associate contrasting fonts with thin strokes, such as the old Burberry logo, as more expensive and luxurious; however, the fashion industry speaks differently and describes this letterform as over-blown.

Let’s see how long the sans-serif font will stay trending.

Branding Agency - Rebranding


Ever need to change your look? Cut your hair to freshen up?

Brands need a little image adjustment too.

Rebranding is often necessary to keep a brand relevant. The luxury brands presented above are a great example of evolution and reinvention, reintroducing their products into the market and in turn, attracting new clients and allowing the label to stand out.

Another benefit to rebranding is that you can modify or change the focus of a company, setting new objectives and reinforcing brand identity. A branding agency is key in achieving this positive change as they have knowledge of the market and techniques that the brands may not have within their own company.

A rebrand restores focus, bringing everything to the attention point again.

Changes to a brand’s logo that involve shapes, colors, and typography fall under the category of visual rebranding. This is what Burberry did when modifying its font to create a more contemporary logo; multiple brands have also begun to shift toward this type of visual.

Rebranding is necessary for every company at some point in time and some very notorious companies have rebranded recently including Motorway, Staples, Bank of America, and Dunkin’ by modifying their trademark.

A branding agency is necessary to correctly rebrand which will lead to overall increased engagement. When a new item is added to a product line, a company has the chance to use the rebrand as an opportunity to get people talking about the brand on social platforms. Smashed Media is a complete digital marketing agency providing services for website design and branding which will help businesses unleash the potential of their visual assets and more.


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