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Whether you are the type of business owner that views advertising as a necessary evil or the type that knows that advertising is the path to business growth, all entrepreneurs know that it is necessary. After all, if a potential client doesn’t know you exist they can’t spend their dollars with you. Marketing budgets come in all sizes, but the basics of a sound plan of action remain similar, however much (or little) you have to spend. We discuss the necessity of internet marketing and why you might consider the use of dedicated Fort Lauderdale web design services to improve the reach of your company in the local area and further afield.

Marketing strategies

From traditional to digital, one essential advertising tool no business can afford to overlook is their website. If you don’t have one, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. In the technological age, we live in its virtually professional suicide to not take advantage of the exposure the online world brings. And if you do have one, it’s crucial to ensure it’s relevant and takes into account all of the latest “rules” search engines look at when deciding where you feature in the rankings.

Some of the online approaches to consider include the following:

Local search strategy:

It’s vital to have a local presence because one of the most searched for terms is now “near me” when looking for a company or product. Local SEO is a key tool, as is ensuring that you’re listed on local directories.

Strategic, up to date, SEO:

Search Engine Optimization is nothing new, but gaining organic reach is a constantly changing playing field. Google (and other search engines) look at various different factors, including mobile optimization, loading speed, keyword usage, quality of content, links, and more. Thanks to these ever-changing goalposts many now look to the professionals to help ensure their online relevance remains current.

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Blogs and content:

The posting of high quality and interesting information remains a potent tool by which to further the reach of a business. The key here is to ensure regular and consistent blogs. Done right, this is an excellent long-term strategy that not only increases the company’s standing as an authority in its field but also increases visibility over time.

PPC advertising:

Pay Per Click is a powerful way to create a fast and often dramatic rise in visibility. Used correctly and depending on the results desired, PPC—especially when combined with dedicated landing pages—can utilize the power of giants such as Google, Bing, and Facebook to increase a company’s results.

The power of the Influencer:

Influencer marketing isn’t just for the big boys. Micro and nano influencers are becoming increasingly utilized with amazing success by small and/or local businesses.

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The Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

For businesses in South Florida, the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce provides members with valuable resources for advertising, networking, and growing their company. Members can take full advantage of regular events and group gatherings that include educational forums, lead groups, networking events, and more.

When it comes to web design, Fort Lauderdale businesses of every size they trust Smashed Media with all aspects of their internet marketing. Their professional, friendly team works with companies to understand their core message and target audience, and put into place bespoke strategies to achieve their goals. From the design and development of a new website to updates and complete online marketing services, Smashed Media offers a market-leading service that will truly help your business expand and realize its full market potential.


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