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Promoting Your Business In Boca Raton

Whether you’re a new start-up or an established name in your industry, staying educated on the evolving methods available to promote your business is essential to stay competitive. For companies in Boca Raton looking to target local customers, there’s a range of advertising options available.

One excellent opportunity for Boca Raton business owners to network and promote their products and services is the Boca Chamber. With a mission “to promote and sustain economic prosperity in Boca Raton and South Palm Beach County,” members can take advantage of the many free marketing opportunities.

These include:

  • Chamber programs and committees
  • Print and online advertising opportunities
  • Networking events
  • Event sponsorship
  • Member-to-member discounts, social media mentions, society photos, and lobby-based promos
  • Mini EXPOs to showcase products and/or services
  • Boca festival days
  • Volunteer opportunity listings

Of course, one aspect that no business can afford to overlook is that of marketing online. Whether you have a local, national, or global reach, this is one of the most dynamic methods of connecting with current and potential customers. And the great thing is that there are many ways you can harness the might of internet marketing for free!

Promoting your business online

The following are powerful ways to reach out to the online community and raise awareness of what your business has to offer:

Get blogging

Providing regular, informative, and well-written blog articles is a potent tool that not only communicates with those who desire your services or products but is a way to state your authority on your particular subject or niche. In addition, over an extended period of time, frequent updates have a strong effect on increasing organic traffic to your website. That brings us neatly onto…

Marketing Company

SEO for your website

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a means of showing search engines how relevant your website is, the better this is done the higher up the search rankings you’ll appear. Let’s face it… How many of us only look at the first page of results when we carry out an online search? That’s how important it is to pay close attention to your website’s SEO, and local Boca Raton SEO in particular. For example, including words such as “Boca Raton dentist” strategically in your website text will mean your site begins to appear when someone types this into a search engine.

Video & image content

Think YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr are simply for personal needs? Think again. The largest companies in the world have embraced the power of these multimedia channels, and you can do the same. Quality, effective content can have a massive effect on the local, national, and worldwide profile of a company.


Ensure you appear in local listings

This is easily done by registering your business with Google Places, Yahoo! Local, Bing, and hundreds of additional online listings.

Get networking online 

Join a local online community in your company’s niche, and become a big fish by contributing regularly. Of course, don’t spam people with your advertising. It is far more effective to mention your business discreetly, such as including a link in your signature.

Local business promotion should be a combination of traditional and online marketing. Smashed Media is a Boca Raton based digital marketing agency that can not only assist with your local Florida SEO and online marketing needs but also with any website design needs. Our company prides themselves in their innovative approach to online marketing and is also looked upon as a top web design company in South Florida (view on DesignRush). The Smashed Media team takes the time to truly understand your products/services, your customers, and most importantly, your business goals. This deeper understanding is used to create marketing strategies that work. These strategies have helped dozens of local Boca Raton businesses grow and dominate their market, both locally and on a wider scale. Smashed Media is the only digital marketing agency that has the experience, technology, and talent to transform a small local business to a regional or even national powerhouse.


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