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How The Disappearance Of Likes On Instagram Can Affect Your Business

Back in April Instagram made a revolutionary shift in their game plan: they were testing a “no-like” feature, primarily in Canada but now the social media giant is in the process of expanding this to several further countries, including Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand.

The change doesn’t affect everyone. However, a randomly selected (and undisclosed amount) of accounts have had the like-free status forced upon them, and there’s no way of getting out of it if you’re one of the chosen. The official Instagram statement behind the move is to “create a less pressurized environment” and to address the growing mental health concerns amongst social media users. 

instagram removing likes button

How It Works

Removing the feature doesn’t mean that the likes are no longer there. It simply means that they’re not displayed on your feed. The owner of the post can still view them with a single click, but no-one else can. For the ever-increasing number of brands that gauge their reach through the number displayed next to that heart-shaped button, this is certainly going to have implications. For influencers and those who market via them, it’s likely to have an even more profound effect as it becomes more difficult to determine their level of engagement.

Influencers who’ve been selected for the trial are already taking to other social media platforms to proclaim their woes to the world. Brands large and small are selective about where their advertising dollars are spent, and without the ability to view those all-important likes there’s increasing speculation that this money might well be diverted to paid marketing instead.

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The Implication For Your Business

The nature of digital marketing is to evolve, and companies should approach the change not so much as a challenge but as more of an opportunity. In fact, in the current world of “likes equals success”, the opportunity to concentrate less on a click that takes a millisecond to perform before being forgotten and more on meaningful metrics, such as saves and impressions, it might be a good thing.

Doing so will mean a change in the shift of how companies utilize the online platform to drive their brand. Whilst multiple likes might seem like engagement, the reality is far from the truth. A side-step that leads to different ways of analyzing what does and doesn’t work may well lead to more effective marketing, thanks to reaching those who’re actually interested in the product or brand. 

The Importance Of Embracing Change

As with all social media marketing, a dynamic approach is by far the most effective manner by which to promote a brand. While hidden likes have not yet been extended to the US, nor have Instagram confirmed if it will be, companies using the power of the platform would do well to carry out an appraisal—not only on how to prepare, but how effectively your current social media campaign is performing. 

This is where the service of a digital marketing agency comes into its own. Industry leader, Smashed Media, offers the ultimate in marketing in this competitive arena, working with leading brands to improve their content, results, and the vital effect of increasing interaction with their followers. Visible likes or not, your brand needs to have a social media presence, and it needs to be compelling. Only time will tell if the use of the “like” button will be faded out for good, but whatever the direction, an expert digital marketing agency will ensure your business remains one step ahead of the competition.


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