When it comes to understanding why your choice of a digital marketing agency is so important for your business, nothing paints a clearer image than a detailed case study. 

The household name, Jiffy Lube, is one of Smashed Media’s clients. By using a combination of innovative quantitative research and qualitative consumer trend analysis, the web design and marketing teams at Smashed Media put a strategic number of crucial initiatives and improvements in place. These led to a significant upturn in online presence, market opportunities, conversions, store sales, guest count and more, post-implementation of a concerted digital marketing campaign.

The following outlines the variety of methods by which Smashed Media uncovered previously under-utilized market opportunities and set up a campaign that transformed the performance of this national company. 


  • Website Design: A company’s portal to the world, the look and user experience of a website is of vital importance. In the case of Jiffy Lube, Smashed Media utilized the most advanced design trends for a completely updated visual experience. This led to a decreased bounce rate of 34%, increased browsing time of 45%, and an increase in conversions of 83%.
  • Email Design: Smashed Media revolutionized the open rate and CTR of Jiffy Lube’s marketing emails. This was done by utilizing advanced workflows, creating elegant designs with branded assets and typography, as well as ensuring engaging content structured in an easy to digest manner.
  • Landing Pages: By ensuring that landing pages continued the same branding, aesthetics, and language as that of emails and online ads, conversion rates rose by an impressive 30%.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): By improving online user experience and carrying out multiple testing of various website text, email, and print button placements, coupon downloads and comparable Jiffy Lube same-store guest count increased by 8%.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Organic search results are key, and Smashed Media improved Jiffy Lube’s by 511% thanks to 400+ keyword rankings on the 1st page of Google & Bing.
  • Paid Search: As a Google Premier Partner (in the top 3% of all U.S. digital marketing agencies) Smashed Media managed a 97% decrease in Paid Search CPA and a 112% decrease in Paid Search Cost per Store Visit.
  • Nonbranded Search Results: An essential aspect for true marketing superiority, such online searches identify user search terms with the most conversion potential.
  • Targeting the Hispanic community: Spanish keyword CPC is typically 50% lower than that of English ones. Grabbing traction with the Spanish search network was a remarkable opportunity that allowed Jiffy Lube to enter a previously untapped market.
  • Multi-Media Advertising: From Waze takeover ads to targeted displays, social media marketing to print, digital billboards, and traditional marketing, Smashed Media created a bespoke advertising campaign that encompassed every marketing avenue.
  • Store Visits: Powerful analytics aggregate statistics not only on how many ad clicks result in store visits but the exact data that drives them there. This leads to a very real understanding of the cost per store visit, and the ability to optimize campaigns to effectively reduce this.


The upshot of these efforts provide some rather impressive numbers:

  • A 7.2% increase in Comparable Guest Count
  • An 8.1% increase in Comparable Store Sales
  • A 48% decrease in Cost per Store Visit

By taking advantage of a cutting-edge approach to understanding behaviors of Jiffy Lube customers, Smashed Media was able to create a bespoke campaign that effectively increased their customer base and bottom-line gains. 

We work with both local brands and national giants to greatly impact all aspects of company marketing. However small or large your needs, the team at Smashed Media’s digital marketing agency works with your business to determine a targeted course of action that will drive down costs and increase baseline profits. Wherever your company is on its digital marketing journey, we’d love to hear from you.


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