Words, images & sounds – those meant to describe have the power to evoke. No matter the medium, a brand’s voice must be consistent. At Smashed Media, our graphic design team’s goal is to understand your brand, industry, & target market so that we can align it with your goals & creative vision. The key individual components that form a brand’s toolbox include, brand identity , brand positioning, communication, awareness & loyalty. This is the foundation of creating a unique & timeless brand.

“Design is thinking make visible” – Saul Bass

Brands can use stories to strengthen their relationships with their customers & it is the brands that establish strong emotional connections with their target audiences that yield higher conversions. Smashed Media’s goal isn’t just for your brand to stand out from the crowd, but to lead the crowd as the top brand in your industry. One simple way to accomplish this is by developing your brand’s story so that its unique, clear & cohesive.

Being that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other companies that offer similar services or products, it is crucial that your brand clearly speak to the values & interests of your target consumers. We perform a variety of brand strategy tasks such as consumer research, audience segmentation, competitive analysis, & cultural audits to help your company arrive at its brand’s positioning framework. Our branding agency will guide you through developing your brand, describing the look & feel of your company & communicating your brand to the digital world. You built your brand, now it’s time to own it.