At Smashed Media, our focus is our clients. We strategically create & mold your brand’s image to occupy a distinct place in the minds of the target market. We help our clients hone their voice for their key audiences by creating content that inspires engagement. The reality is the more people that engage with your content & share it, the more valuable & visible it becomes.


I like to reinvent myself – Its part of my job. – Karl Lagerfeld
Brand Voice

Brand voice is the part of the corporate identity  that goes beyond your brand’s logo design . Our copywriters deliver creative messaging that will both resonate with your target audience & advance your business objectives.

Brand Positioning

The common denominator with all successful brands is that each clearly articulates the core values of their brand. How your target audience relates to & perceives your brand has everything to do with how your brand is positioned. At Smashed Media our goal is to place your brand in the minds of the audience in a favorable way by clearly & consistently conveying the value it offers & what it stands for.