Customer Reputation Management (CRM) performs the sales & marketing automation tasks your brand needs to maintain relationships, store & segment data & analyze information linked to your users, leads & prospects.


When a brand experiences significant business growth it is critical that they also scale their sales processes to ensure the same attention is given to the right leads. Smashed Media’s CRM processes help elevate the relationship between a brand & its customers by ensuring each user’s experience with the brand is extremely personalized & relevant to the individual.

Smashed Media has the ability to integrate current CRMs in the marketplace as well as create & implement custom CRM systems. Our marketing firm helps businesses reach prospects at the right moment & engage them across multiple channels. Let us help your business implement a CRM system that will ensure sufficient follow-up & move your leads through the sales pipeline.

“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.” –  Jeff Bezos

We make it easy for your business to manage its social media profiles across multiple platforms by them by adding these profiles under a single Brand. Let us seamlessly synchronize all your profiles & settings in real time so that you can focus less on system implementation and more on sales.

Smashed Media can help you determine the true viability of the leads your business is generating by passing back insights from CRM systems & integrating them with campaign performance data back into the media buying process. This yields more granular reporting that is able to drive client-side innovation. We then feed these insights back into our campaigns, dynamically optimizing to focus on the keywords, messages & placements that deliver the highest return on ad spend.

When you work with Smashed Media, the possibilities are endless. Whether your business needs help prioritizing emails by sales pipeline, segmenting your website visitors, increasing conversions, capturing leads from your landing pages or creating specific portals for your users, vendors & partners, Smashed Media is a one stop shop for all of your marketing needs.