Digital PR / Outreach

Digital PR ( Public Relations ) is an effective mechanism for building & managing your brand’s reputation online. At Smashed Media, we are a marketing agency that utilizes cutting-edge marketing & digital PR strategies to keep your brand’s name in the forefront of consumer’s minds. Implementing the right combination of digital PR strategies can help build a stronger brand image which in turn, boosts your brand’s reputation & enables you to engage with market influencers who have the ability to inspire conversions & boost sales.


Partnerships are powerful tool brands use to increase awareness among consumers. At Smashed Media, we help clients create & deliver persuasive pitches to get their brand partnerships off the ground.

Brand Ambassadors

There is no question that marketing efforts now exist within a digital frame-of-reference. As such, brands are now more inclined to rely on Facebook, Instagram & similar platforms to promote their messages. In today’s digital economy, the success of a brand largely depends on its relationship with its consumers. Brand ambassadors have the unique ability to create & maintain relationships with consumers on a more micro-level than traditional mass marketing techniques. Since consumers place a high value on human interaction & connection, there is no better way to give your digital marketing strategy a human touch than by using brand ambassadors to starts a dialogue between your brand & consumers.

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” – Jon Buscall

The average American watches nearly 4 hours of television each day. The most memorable & captivating commercials are not only likely to go viral but they will also pay for themselves. We help clients in a wide-range of industries create compelling commercial content that will reach their target audience.

White Board Videos & Animation

With today’s consumers more interested in watching videos about products than reading about them, it is no surprise that video marketing is now a fundamental aspect of any successful marketing strategy. Whiteboard animation is not only memorable, but it can also be produced relatively quickly at very low costs. Smashed Media’s team of creative experts have the unique ability to conceptualize your vision & deliver powerful directives that will tell your audience how your brand fits into their life.


Although it’s been around for over 100 years, radio is here to stay. Every week, radio reaches approximately 85% of the US population. As such, radio campaigns are an effective way to grab your audience’s attention & create an impression that will motivate listeners to take action.

Television & Film

At Smashed Media we are a marketing agency that prides ourselves on our ability to come up with unique ways to increase brand awareness. By creating promotional partnerships with a television series or film production company, you can ensure your brand’s products are seen by consumers.

Spotlight Campaigns

Smashed Media helps clients create compelling campaigns with unique offers that add value to your brand’s product or service. During the initial discovery process with your brand, we will discuss your target audience, budget & return on investment. We then utilize this information to create quality ad copy & enticing offers in order to earn your audience’s emotional investment. Our efforts do not stop once your campaign is launched. Our team routinely tracks, manages & reviews your spotlight campaign to ensure it is optimized for efficiency & produces the results you want.


Podcasts not only help generate brand awareness but also boost user engagement & thought leadership. Our team of PR experts help clients interested in implementing a podcasting program ensure that their podcasts are well-aligned with their marketing & business objectives.