Display advertising is another method of acquiring users through the use of visual & text content banners on other websites, in social media feeds, & even in apps. At Smashed Media, our PPC advertising team has the technology & expertise required to create compelling display & video ad content for businesses of any size in any industry.


When customizing display banners for clients, our focus extends beyond mere design performance. We employ industry insights about content, brand, analytics, technology, & business in order to deliver an end-product that is innovative, on-brand & will drive business goals.

Engage with your audience

Display ads increase engagement with your brand by offering users a quick and easy way to convert. Bring users back to your website through Remarketing, or cast a wider net on the Google Display Network to reach new audiences by building brand awareness. Our unique ad designs stand out from the crowd and let you capitalize on valuable visual real estate.

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” – Steve Jobs

Our team of graphic designers will create unique ads featuring your content and inspired by the look and feel of your website. We can also work with you to promote sales, milestones, specific products/services, and more!

Smashed Media uses a customer-centric approach to ensure our display ads meet customer expectations & stand out in the noisy overloaded online arena. Display advertising works by targeting users who previously visited your website to learn about your products or services but left without making a purchase. Our objective is to keep your brand at the top of their minds by displaying your ads on the websites these users visit at a later time.

Highlight Your Offerings

With a complete set of  image ads, we truly highlight your products or service offerings by rotating your brand messaging and imagery throughout the set.

Raise Long-Term Engagement

Generate visual interest with a variety of content strategies  throughout your digital campaigns.

Leverage Advanced Targeting

Integrate Google Analytics to create and build highly targeted campaigns and show your ads wherever your audience is online.

Maximize Tracking Capabilities

Let us help you build a relevant audience list for showing specific ads to specific users. Deliver tailored advertisements and brand messages to your website visitors.

Lower Cost-Per-Click

Capitalize on your marketing dollars by expanding your reach with a low investment on CPC for professionally designed display ads.

Our processes seamlessly integrate display ads with the broader brand experience by telling the brand’s story, captivating its audience & driving customers to take desired actions. At Smashed Media, we deliver maximum applicability & value to the end user, while simultaneously minimizing the potential for inefficiency.