Google Shopping Ads


Google Shopping Ads are one of the most efficient ways to advertise products online & generate sales for your ecommerce store. By displaying high quality images of product listings & their prices, Google Shopping Ads act as a comparison-shopping tool where users can view more details on products, filter results, & compare prices for the same product sold between various merchants. Smashed Media’s online advertising experts can set up and optimize your business’s Google Shopping Ads
“eCommerce is not the cherry on the cake. It becomes the new cake.” – Jean Paul Argo, L’oreal CEO

Since Google has comprehensive data feeds on the types of keywords people use when doing a Google search for products like the ones you sell, your product ads are guaranteed to appear for the relevant keywords. Another factor which contributes to the overall effectiveness of Google Shopping ads, is that they appear where web searchers are looking most often – at the top of the search engine listings.

Because Google Shopping Ads display a photo of your product, a title, the price & the store’s name, consumers are able to get a strong sense of the product you’re selling even before they click the ad, in turn, generating more qualified leads. Featuring product information directly in the advertisement also has the added benefit of helping online shoppers make informed purchase decisions.

Typically, uses Google to search for a particular item, they will be presented with shopping ads from a number of different merchants all of whom sell that item. By simply looking at the various product images & their prices, consumers are able to determine which merchant’s product fits their taste & their budget. Since searches often use Google Shopping Ads to get a better understanding of a product, its features & its relative cost, these types of ads can help push users further down the purchasing funnel. Google Shopping Ads also provide powerful reporting & competitive data for merchants who are curious as to how their products are performing at different levels.