Local Listings

At Smashed Media, we are an SEO agency that brings customer interactions into focus without limitations. Web searchers expect to find exactly what they want on a hyper-local level, not just in their cities, but in their own neighborhood. We provide our clients with valuable insight on how well they’re ranking in local searches & how customers are interacting with their brand across local digital channels.


Smashed Media will guide you as you make data-driven decisions on where your next investments should be by showing you how your brand is performing compared to local competitors in terms of search & ratings.

“Consumers are increasingly turning to digital for offline decisions.” – Google

We provide clients with a clear picture of their search impressions by demonstrating how consumers are engaging with their brand across local online channels. By segmenting a brand’s audiences by device, publisher & the terms users are searching for, we are able to engage the right users in the right ways at the right time.


Smashed Media’s SEO specialists embraces a multidisciplinary approach to ensure high visibility of our clients local digital properties. We continually maximize local search exposure and increase visibility via all search engines. We embrace a user-centric approach to Local SEO : by understanding users and their search patterns, we can ensure user needs are met by prominent exposure to relevant brand content.

Having established direct integrations with the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, voice assistants, search engines, & social networks, Smashed Media SEO services will ensure your business performs better in search by making it simple for users find you on the web.