Paid search ads are the cornerstone of any serious digital marketing plan & continue to be a driving force of ROI. Paid search is fundamental for generating immediate traffic from important keywords, & when done correctly it allows you to control the message on the results page.

PPC Management from a Google Ads Premier Partner

By serving targeted advertising directly to consumers while they’re searching for what your business provides, Google & Bing search campaigns will help you to find new customers & re-engage existing ones. In order to create paid search campaigns that outperform the competition, we take proactive, round-the-clock monitoring measures & web analytics seriously.

Turn shoppers into leads.

Our team of dedicated search engine advertising specialists employ cutting-edge technologies to produce next-level campaign intelligence. We consistently push our technology platforms to their limits in order to better serve our clients & get them the most out of their paid search & PPC (
pay per click
) campaigns. When analyzing a brand’s specific customer segments, our focus is on how they come to the market, how they become brand-aware, & what drives them to convert. Using this information we are able to deliver targeted ads that vary based on the user’s search terms.

“The ultimate search engine would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want.” – Larry Page
Maximize your ROI

Cost Per Click (CPC) is the price you pay for each click on one of your PPC ads on platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads. CPC generally varies from one client to another as it is largely dependent on your industry, business type, & which networks you’re advertising on. CPC is determined by factors such as maximum bid, Quality Score, & the ad rank of other advertisers who are bidding for the same keywords. Smashed Media’s goal is to help your business improve the quality of visitor traffic so that the money you spend on ad clicks is worthwhile.

Cost Per Action (CPA) models allow advertisers to pay for qualifying actions such as sales phone calls or registrations from a perspective customer. Since some marketing affiliates only get paid when a user takes a desired action on your company’s website, these affiliates are more likely to use their best efforts when promoting a special offer. Users typically click on your advertisement & will either sign up for a free trial, register for an account, purchase products, or make an inquiry by phone. Signups & calls help generate leads whereas e-commerce sales boost profit. Smashed Media’s CPA marketing campaigns enable clients to target their niche market in a streamlined manner which, in turn, ensures users are directed to the correct product or service.

We increase conversions & generate leads by delivering relevant, intelligently-targeted campaigns customized to meet you’re customers’ needs & curating content that delivers consistent messages across keyword group, ad copy & landing pages. Let us use our years of expertise to go beyond the click to drive bottom line performance.