Social media advertising is a vital part of any digital media plan because of its reach & more importantly, because of its highly granular targeting options. Smashed Media is a digital advertising agency that can help your business understand who your audience is & how they engage with your brand on social media. We deliver the strong & consistent social media presence your brand needs in order to reach your target audience.


Social media users define themselves by their interests & affiliations, & these user-stated preferences, along with the rich engagement data these platforms collect, allow for powerful, responsive advertising campaigns that can deliver extraordinary ROI.

By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent. –  Mark Zuckerberg

Through a strategic mix of paid advertising & branded content, we use social media’s incredible granularity to deliver targeted messages that feel more like a conversation among friends and less like an advertisement.

By adding targeting marketing campaigns to your social media platforms, we can help improve your company’s online following & expand your customer reach. Smashed Media focuses on the most relevant social media channels & communities for your business in order to guide interested users to your website & inspire them to share your content with others.

Turn millions of Facebook and Instagram users into customers with micro  targeting ad campaigns. Using Facebook’s advanced targeting technology, we’ll help you reach new audiences and retarget customers who’ve already visited your site.

We deliver best in-class digital media buys across a wide variety of formats to ensure your brand’s messages are conveyed to your target audience across critical moments in the customer journey.